Surviving The Storm


I have finally done it folks, I have written my very first book which I have my mentor Michelle Watson to thank for guiding me in the way that she has. At the end of this month I shall be adding AUTHOR to my life's many experiences and the final accomplishment just feels so good I could cry.

I have also been asked to read an excerpt from my Debut book "SURVIVING THE STORM" which is a self help book and the precursor to my autobiography at WOMEN BE where I shall be sharing the stage with some awesome speakers and reciting a 5min piece about SURVIVAL from the book.

"Women Be" Founder and my mentor Michelle Watson is providing a platform for entrepreneurial women to experience great motivation from other inspiring women, offering an opportunity to meet other women who were once where you are now and are now where you desire to be. If you are a woman that is looking to pursue her dream or has some great ideas but does not know how to put them into fruition then this is most certainly the event for you. 

One full day of pure inspiration, networking with like-minded people and who knows you might end up being inspired enough to write your book. If I can do it so can you. Hope to see some faces down there on the 23rd March - PLEASE share with any woman that you feel might be interested in this post - click HERE for information on where to get tickets.

Extra special thanks to Madscotsman for the photo cover


LOVE Jennie Matthias x

Jennie Matthias

International singer, Author, Performer, Mentor and Poet

I cannot tell you all how excited I am to be sharing this information with you. I am now an author and I am made up to add this into my list of achievements, if I can do it so can you all as I do believe that every one has a book inside them. This book is a self help book that touches on my life and how I got myself out of certain predicaments. It is aimed at anyone seeking positive change within their lives.