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Yours Truly - 19th May 2012

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These are YOURS TRULY 3 amazing young ladies that can sing a tune, their debut is on May the 19th at Bar Solo I Jennie Matthias will be the host and DJ Bosher will be the DJ for the night the girls have chosen 6 of my songs and added them to their lively repertoire, I am very proud to be their mentor, these girls really have something different going on and are tipped for stardom PLEASE join me and YOURS TRULY and watch history in the making - the night is FREE and you are all welcome, the girls are amazing Jennie Matthias can my dear friends and supporters PLEASE SHARE this, and also​yourstrulynow " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">LIKE their  facebook page THANK YOU so much X

30 March 2012 gig at Bar Solo, Camden Town

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KK Promotions presents The Skatalysts, they are a brand new SKA band featuring Bad Manners orignal keyboard player Martin Stewart they have a pumping female vocalist and play anything the audience want to hear, all the old SKA and reggae favourites. The Skatalysts will be gracing the stage at Bar Solo in Camden Town on Friday 30th March and I, Jennie Matthias will be joining the band for a couple of numbers, if you fancy a night of pure unadulterated fun to start off your weekend then this is a great place in which to do it...FREE entry DJ starts at 7.00pm please come and join us...can our friends also share this message on their site pretty please, Ta darlings BIG LOVE Jennie Matthias x

Peeping Tom album launch is today! Sunday 30th Oct 2011

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2011 PEEPING TOM Official launch party 

UNDER SOLO,Inverness Street, Camden Town - £6 entry on the door.

NOTE: The band will be playing the whole album live from 7pm to 8.30pm.  Get there early!

Peeping Tom - album launch video

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PEEPING TOM - official album launch

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1-STOP-EXPERIENCE have now secured a date and place for their album launch. 30th Oct UNDER SOLO Inverness Street, Camden Town, DIG IT SOUND SYSTEM will be playing a short set also up stairs at Bar Solo a tad earlier for your enjoyment: We will be playing the whole album and finish at 10.30pm then for those that want to party we go back up stairs for drinks at Bar Solo.This is the night we rip it up and party like the family we are. No ego's just PURE fun and laughter. PLEASE come and support us at our debut launch, it is a dress up job with camera's a blazin.

Jennie PA at The Bubble Club - 22 June 2011

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Jennie's playing her favourite gig of the year at The Bubble Club this Wednesday.  See the Gigs page for more details.

Upcoming Gigs

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Check out the gigs page for new 1-STOP-EXPERIENCE dates in April.