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FFAB - Food For All Band

Posted on October 20, 2013 at 6:10 PM

Matchless Gifts is a charity shop run by Jennie and in her 8 months of being there she has along with many of her friends and volunteers turned the place around to the point where people are taking notice: "Food For All" feeds 1,000 people daily 6 days a week and our intention is to eventually feed 5,000 per day for FREE. We now have a fully functioning band called FFAB that raises the issues of those affected by lack. It would be a great help on our journey upwards if my friends could give our new band site a boost by just one click as this will help us generate interest from the musical community we are currently working in. FFAB is a charity band that are available for charity and festival projects and are working along named artists to get their message accross...PLEASE can my friends click on this and help us to add power in the lives of those that have next to nothing...THANK YOU all so very much Jen Jen xx

FFAB - Food For All Band Reverbnation page

FFAB - Food For All Band Facebook page

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