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Food For All Charity Single - December 2014




People's Climate Change UK - September 2014

Matchless Gifts, Food For All - December 2013


Matchless Gifts, Food For All - September 2013

Matchless Gifts, Jennie at Trafalgar Square - June 2013


Matchless Gifts - May 2013


3 months ago I, Jennie Matthias was given this shop to run and have worked with some incredible volunteers and received some generous donations from corporate companies (who btw actually do care) friends and individuals, refurbished the whole shop using reclaimed furniture and fittings and made some new friends, I want to say a huge thank you to all of you that have taken part in helping us to get to this stage. This is what it's all about people, caring and sharing and Pete Doherty came in to the shop to see with his own eyes what it is we do and has offered to help in some way, I was so proud and happy because my vision for the shop has now been realized and it's a blessing to see my good friend Para smiling again. It was total fun and that is exactly how work should be, fun and adventurous...PLEASE check out this short video and view our shop with a clip note from me...filmed by our lovely Vidyapati Das

The Charity Shop opening made the local papers - Read the Camden Journal article -

Pete Doherty from The Libertines backs re-launch of Food For All charity shop that feeds area's needy

HAM&HIGH - article:
Video: Pete Doherty lends support to King’s Cross charity shop that feeds the homeless

Say No to Monsanto - 25 May 2013




Slut Walk 2012 (September 2012)

Jennie took to the streets of London for Slut Walk 2012 for justice and protection against rape.  More info can be found here.

Feed the Poor - Camden Appeal (May 2012)


Feed the Poor - Camden Appeal (August 2011)


The Skarettes - Race for Life Charity Event (July 2011)


Jennie Matthias performing the 1-STOP-EXPERIENCE track 'Headless Chicken' with RUTH JENNER & TAJA MURRAY @ The Worlds End, Finsbury Park on 24 July 2011. 

Food For All (June 2011)

The free food charity 'Food For All' has lost its grant.  More information here.  See further down the page for Jennie's 'Feed the Poor' video.

Unsung Heroes


Congratulations to Jennie for being nominated for the Camden Unsung Heroes award for her contibution to Camden's music heritage.  

Mother's March (March 2011)

Jennie lends her support to Mothers marching against financial cuts.

Feed the Poor! December 2010

A plea for help from foodforall on Vimeo.

Food For All is a independent, nonreligious charity (working with good friend Praghosh Prabhu GBC). Not just delivering 900 free healthy meals (Prasad) daily but also running a day centre for disadvantaged people.

The following movie/song is a “Plea for Help” to keep the “Matchless Gifts” Centre open. London Councils has completely cut everybody’s funding which includes Food For All. They have a few months to sort out their infrastructure or reinvent themselves. The song is aimed at rock stars, businessmen etc. who would like to support a dynamic award wining charity. ( If you have any contacts please forward their link).

Jennie supports this cause from her own community and has worked with Food For All on many projects over the last 12 years and together they have been awarded the title “Community Champion”. All aspects of the project are carried out by unpaid volunteers.

Many thanks to all the devotees involved in making this recording as an act of devotion especially Dvarakadish Prabhu and his son Jaganath.  (By Parasuram das)

Sex, Drugs and HIV - (1995-2010)

Mat Sargent started the Sex, Drugs 'n' HIV project 15 years ago in 1995. He wanted to give something back to the charities that helped him on his journey in life. At the time he started recording the first HIV sessions, he had just left punk band CHELSEA and joined SHAM 69. He knew musicians from various bands from being on the road and meeting people backstage etc, a lot of them became his friends, so he asked them to guest on the album. 

Jennie's recorded a FANTASTIC track called 'Private Agenda' - here a snippet at Mat's website!  . 

'Turning Words Into Dreams' - 14th June 2010

Jennie was asked to help co-ordinate this event. 

Hosted by the amazing 'MC ANGEL'.
London Urban Arts Academy (British DJ and MC Academy) joined forces with the Arts Council to create an amazing showcase packed with SUTTON TALENT.

With Performances from Baby Sol, Dockers MC and RedNPink.  

The Bubble Club - 26th May 2010

Jennie did a PA at The Fym Fyg Bar in support of The Bubble Club.  The Bubble Club is run by people with learning disabilities and is open to everyone who wants to spend just a fiver to come in and have a great night, giving people a chance to enjoy themselves in the friendly environment of a music venue.

Save our A & E - 27th March 2010

Jennie took to the streets singing 'Save our A & E', Whittington's Hospital A & E. 

Save the Whittington - Saturday 27th February 2010

Jennie lends her support by marching and singing to 'No More Heroes" with Hari Krishna friends.  THOUSANDS stopped traffic in Highbury, Holloway and Highgate to defend the Whittington Hospital on Saturday afternoon as the people of Islington, Camden and Haringey stood up to be counted!  Whittington A&E faces closure which if happens, will affect thousands of residents in need of urgent medical attention.


Jennie had been instrumental in setting up S-Teem, an organisation in Camden that helps disadvantaged young people between the ages of 8 and 25 to build their self confidence and self image through arts-based projects.

Jennie was awarded with an Intermix Positive Contribution Award for raising awareness of the issues that affect young people and for her constant effort to improve the lives of those in the community less fortunate than herself.

Jennie has applied her poetry, acting and song writing skills to women's campaigns (Strike 2000' and 'Praying for Asylum').  She has facilitated workshops for various PSHE drug awareness programmes for secondary schools, run multi-media workshops for young offenders, ex prisoners, (Highbury Grove Bail Hostel) and headlined the performance for a Cultural Awareness Day held at Stocken prison Grantham.  She is a founding member of the 'Listen' Moving Theatre co, where she facilitated a drama and musical sketch for children at Greenford School, taking part in a BBC Educational program for a RSI awareness seminar.

Jennie dedicated her time to raising awareness of issues that affect young people, and formed S-teem, a group of successful arts practitioners who have joined forces and talents to provide creative mentoring in the arts for all young people.  S-teem are determined to address some of the shortfalls that lead many young people to become involved in the social services and prison systems.  Their experiences of working with young people show that many find it hard to take guidance from figures of authority.  Through art-based projects, they aim to provide them with the kind of quality and meaningful experiences that will help them discriminate between positive and negative guidance and make informed choices about their lives. 

Camden Green Fair Ethical Fashion Show


Jennie, compèring at the Camden Green Fair Ethical Fashion Show

Local community music workshop

This was a local project where Jennie took the lads out to the studio after they had created a track song written by themselves but guided by Jennie.  The course went on for 6 weeks and the studio was the last part. This saw the kids walk away with something they could show their friends.

Global Women's Strike 2000

Global Women's Strike, an international network for recognition & payment for all caring work, and the return of military spending to the community starting with women the main carers.  Jennie wrote the Strike 2000 song. 

Queens Crescent - Camden Community Festival

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