Robert Shrigley Woolf featuring Jennie Bellestar 


Track available on ReverbNation

Jennie & The Night Trains - Black Whip

Jennie & The Night Trains - Lovesick

Jen & Friends - Lord Overdrive

Jennie features on Lord Overdrive's debut album and co-wrote Make A Choice & Too Late with Rob Poyton.  Jennie also provides vocals on other tracks on the album.

More information available at Wardrobe Records

Jen & Friends - The Rock & Roll Gypsies


Jennie's been working with her friend Mat Sargent from the Sex, Drugs & HIV album. They've re-recorded their album track Private Agenda and Jennie also features on new track Easy Target.   

Jen & Friends - Phantom Hitmen 

Jennie features on Bigger Picture, a track from the Phantom Hitmen's EP released November 2014.  

Jen & Friends - FFAB (Food For All Band)

Matchless Gifts is a charity shop run by Jennie and in her 8 months of being there she has along with many of her friends and volunteers turned the place around to the point where people are taking notice: "Food For All" feeds 1,000 people daily 6 days a week and our intention is to eventually feed 5,000 per day for FREE. We now have a fully functioning band called FFAB that raises the issues of those affected by lack. It would be a great help on our journey upwards if my friends could give our new band site a boost by just one click as this will help us generate interest from the musical community we are currently working in. FFAB is a charity band that are available for charity and festival projects and are working along named artists to get their message accross...PLEASE can my friends click on this and help us to add power in the lives of those that have next to nothing...THANK YOU all so very much Jen Jen xx

FFAB - Food For All Band Reverbnation page

FFAB - Food For All Band Facebook page

Jen & Friends - The Crabs Corporation

Jen has teamed up with the Brazilian band again and features on 'Hush It', a track from their new Red or White 10" vinyl, The Many Faces of The Crabs Corporation. More info at Jump Up Records (US).

Jen & Friends - Jennie & The Guitar Slingers

Jennie Bellestar Matthias will be playing 3 of her Bellestar hits mixed in with some brand new lively rockin tracks written by herself, Philip Doyle & Andy Kandil from ‘Guitar Slingers’ who will both be accompanying her on the acoustic stage, these songs are being aired in public for the first time in preparation for their forthcoming album out next year going under the name of Jennie & The Guitar Slingers.

Jennie & The Guitar Slingers played their debut gig at the Acoustic Festival of Britain on Friday 31st May 2013

Jen & Friends - Adam Sky (ex-Adamski)

Jennie's recently worked on several dance tracks with Adam Sky (formerly known as Adamski).

Jen & Friends - Yours Truly

These are YOURS TRULY 3 amazing young ladies that can sing a tune.  Jennie's proud to have been their mentor and hosted their debut gig at Bar Solo, Camden Town on 19th May 2012.  The girls have included 6 of Jennie's songs in their lively repertoire.  

Jen & Friends - '1-STOP-EXPERIENCE'

Jennie's been working really hard on the
1-STOP-EXPERIENCE debut album 'Peeping Tom' which is out now!  Buy the album here.  The band have proved not only to be a studio band with excellent songwriting skills but a formidable gigging band providing an intelligent ska sound and a buzz you can only experience at their live performances.  You can find out more at their official website.

Jen & Friends - Burbian B

Jennie's recorded a couple of tracks with Burbian Bunny

BURBIANB featuring Jennie Matthias - Your Love

Jen & Friends - Adrian Sherwood

Apart from 1-STOP-EXPERIENCE, Jennie's also working on other tracks with Adrian Sherwood from the infamous ON-U-SOUND label. 

Jen & Friends - Martin Stewart

Jennie has co-written some songs with her good friend Martin Stewart, Without Regret and a fantastic ska-pop track, Little Ray of Sunshine.  

Martin was an original member of the ska 2-tone band 'Bad Manners' who scored chart hits in the 80's including memorable singles such as 'My Girl Lollipop', 'Lip Up Fatty' and 'Can Can'.  Martin was also a member of 'Big 5', Jennie's ska-punk band and 'Skaville UK', a ska band in which Jennie was a significant guest member at many of their live gigs & co-writer of several songs on their first 2 albums. 

Jen & Friends - DJ JR

Jennie co-wrote an exclusive track 'Let Me Entertain You Boy'  with DJ JR.

Jen & Friends - The Crabs Corporation

Jennie teamed up with Brazilian band The Crabs Corporation to record 'Let It Go', also featuring Dave Barker, which was released as a limited edition 7inch vinyl.  Available for download at Record Kicks


Jen & Friends - other artists

Jennie's time has mainly been taken up with 1-STOP-EXPERIENCE.  Although the debut album, Peeping Tom has been released, she is continuing recording for the second album and has written songs for other artists to perform.