I am now a main writer for MUSIC MAKER and I run two columns one is called POETS CORNER where I invite people of all stages of writing to have their poems / prose read by literally thousands of people, I have placed myself in a position that provides a platform for people that might have been to shy to have their poems leave their personal space. I am fair and believe that everyone has a poem in them, POETS CORNER is an opportunity to get new writers published in a well established magazine.

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Jennie has used her poetry for various community projects to help disadvantaged kids and has also performed them at events.

Life - audio poem available on "What's the Word" Vol 1

We walk along our paths in life
Not knowing where to go
And all around us pain and strife
Is going with the flow

A battle fought and lost
Before another takes its place
And always at the cost
To more than just the human race

The pain we've caused
And not much time
To put the picture right
And all remains the same
Between the black man and the white

And everybody's looking
Not much further than their nose
With power here
And hunger there
That's how this system grows

It's hard to tell a man
Oh yes you can if you work harder
If at the end of it
He cannot ever fill his larder

And what to those of you
Who cannot make it on your own?
Like with our old
In winters cold
We leave them all alone

With all the victories they have won
GOD Save the Queen you say
Stuck in a home aint too much fun
For the hero's of today

And everybody's waiting for
Somebody else to change
We point the poison finger
At the one we wish to blame

And what is this
And what is that
And where is it we're going
Just look inside your self
For questions answered by the knowing


The common gift that everyone
Was given from above
Has all been long forgotten
But the gift we had was love

And what about the child they found
Lay murdered in the park
And ladies too afraid
To leave their homes when it gets dark

And power telling people
What it is that they must do
When all the people really want to say is

And what about the homeless
Sitting begging in the street
And what about the Africans
With not a bite to eat
And what about the Arabs
And the Persians waging war
Their victims lying dead
Upon a muddy blood stained floor

And what about our trees
No longer fixed within our soil
Yes we have cursed our mother earth
The last thing we should spoil

Life - performed at Lyrically Challenged (Sept 2012)

I Need A Miracle

I Need A Miracle
To get me out of here
I wanna move on out
And turn it up a gear

I wanna try it all
Before the day I die
I wanna spread my
Wings and fly

I wanna be in love
I wanna give it up
I wanna have a word a
With a GOD above

I wanna take my time
Before the end is nigh
I wanna spread my
Wings and fly

I wanna better life
I wanna have a ball
I wanna get my fill
then enjoy it all

I wanna make my wave
Before I hit the grave
Don't wanna regret
One single day

Freedom's just around the corner
I wanna let you know
I gotta warn ya
Freedom's just around the corner
I wanna pack my bags
And get away from here